50 most useful Spanish phrases for the workplace

Workplace Spanish

Need to re-learn some workplace Spanish? Even if it wasn’t technically a lie when you put “fluent in Spanish” on your resume 15 years ago, chances are good that you’ve forgotten a lot of the Spanish vocabulary that would actually help you get by if that one hispanohablante client called you today… These business-related words and phrases could get you out of a tight spot at work.

For most people in the United States, being bilingual in Spanish and English is far from a job requirement, but that doesn’t mean it can’t come in handy. A little goes a long way: If you have Spanish clients, patients, employees, coworkers, or any type of business partner at all, a couple of key words and phrases could not only keep you out of trouble, but help with your communication and build a better business relationship. The mere fact that you’ve gone the extra mile to connect with a Spanish-speaking customer can speak volumes. That little additional effort shows, and it could be the factor that gives you an edge over your competition and helps to close that big international deal.

Most useful Spanish phrases for the workplace

Obviously, it’s not feasible for most people to become fluent in Spanish at a business level without significant training or practice (which if you’re interested in, you can find out more about here), but learning these key phrases can make a big difference:

Spanish workplace vocabulary

Useful Spanish words for business professionals
administrar el proyectomanage the project
asistir a una reuniónattend a meeting
contestar el teléfonoanswer the phone
dirigir la reunióndirect the meeting
el archivofile
el ascensorelevator
el compromisecommitment
el departamentodepartment
el despachooffice
el documentodocument
el edificiobuilding
el empleojob
el escritoriodesk
el informereport
el informereport
el pasillocorridor
el personalstaff
el presupuestobudget
el programasoftware
el secretariosecretary
el tecladokeyboard
enviar un faxsend a fax
escribir la correspondenciawrite letters
exportar mercancíasexport goods
hacer el trabajo de oficinado paperwork
imprimirto print
la base de datosdatabase
la capturacapture or process
la cartaletter
la citaappointment
la computadoracomputer
la entrevistainterview
la facturainvoice
la oficinaoffice
la plantafloor
la recomendaciónrecommendation
la reuniónmeeting
la sala de juntasmeeting room
la secciónsection
la secretariafemale secretary
programarto program
teclearto type

Learning business Spanish

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of useful business-related Spanish vocabulary, but it’s a great place to start. If you want to learn more, check out these Spanish business books and kindle books:

Additional resources for learning Spanish for business

ImagePublisherProductAuthorLengthTypeLearn more
BookSurge PublishingSpanish in the WorkplaceRoberto A. Gonzalez134 pagesPaperbackCheck price
CreateSpaceSpanish for Managers: Essential Power Words and PhraseAntonio Del Torro28 pagesPaperbackCheck price
Barron'sHow to Communicate with Your Spanish EmployeesWilliam C. Harvey M.S.304 pagesPaperbackCheck price
Workplace LanguagesSurvival Spanish for Restaurant ManagementEd Rosheim48 pagesPaperbackCheck price
CreateSpaceSpanish for Customer Service WorkersAntonio Del Torro32 pagesPaperbackCheck price
SpeakEasySurvival Spanish For Customer ServiceMyelita Melton99 pagesPaperbackCheck price
Workplace ESL SolutionsWorkplace SpanishLeslie Holloway100 pagesPaperbackCheck price
Minute Help GuidesEssential Power Words and Phrases for Workplace SurvivalAntonio Del Torro28 pagesKindleDownload Now
Minute Help GuidesSpanish for SecretariesAntonio Del Torro32 pagesKindleDownload Now
Grupo NelsonMentor 101John C. Maxwell128 pagesKindleDownload Now
Grupo NelsonSpanish in the WorkplaceJohn C. Maxwell2 hours and 49 minutesAudiobookGet it free
Lingo MasterySpanish for Managers: Essential Power Words and PhraseLingo Mastery5 hours and 35 minutesAudiobookGet it free
UnitextoHow to Communicate with Your Spanish EmployeesSarah Retter1 hour and 44 minutesAudiobookGet it free
Polyglot Planet PublishingWorkplace SpanishPolyglot Planet41 minutesAudiobookGet it free

More Spanish for the workplace resources
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